Elderdog Canada: Helping To Keep Love In The Home

Like many seniors, an elderly woman who was moving to a nursing home had no one to care for her beloved little dog. Thinking that the only option was euthanasia, she made the dreaded appointment. The small, sweet-tempered, nine-year-old was in good health, had been well cared for and likely had many years left to enjoy, if given a chance. The veterinarian called ElderDog for help and, within hours, the little dog was on her way to a foster home. Her stay would be short. The day before, ElderDog received a call from a distraught senior, who had lost both her husband and dog within a very short period and desperately wanted a small companion. After several phone calls, paperwork, visits and the coordinated effort of ElderDog volunteers, the sweet little dog was in the loving care of her new, very excited senior companion whose own life had just been given new purpose. It all began with two phone calls about a senior dog and a senior person in need — of each other.

person in need — of each other. Buster and Boo are elderly dogs and loving companions to a senior human whose health makes it difficult for him to provide the full range of care they require. It’s not easy to manage trips to the vet and regular exercise from a wheelchair. An alternative living arrangement is not an option for this gentleman if it means giving up his dogs, who mean the world to him. ElderDog has been a lifeline for this household as volunteers do what is necessary to keep the family together as long as possible. They help care for Buster and Boo so that they remain happy and healthy and so that their companion can enjoy the many benefits of their companionship. The dogs have won the hearts of the volunteers who do what they can to help keep love in the home.

And then there are Ben and Sandy and Gypsy and Jessie, and the list goes on: senior dogs who lost their senior companion due to illness, death or relocation and who, through ElderDog, are in new loving homes, living out their twilight years in comfort and with the dignity they deserve after so many years of loyal devotion to their former companions.

ElderDog Canada is a national, non-profit charity dedicated to supporting senior people, senior dogs and the important relationship they enjoy. Headquartered in Nova Scotia and with chapters (Pawds) in six provinces, more than 650 volunteers carry out the work of ElderDog. The no-fee work includes providing seniors in-home assistance with basic dog care, finding new homes for older dogs who have lost their human, helping seniors find a mature canine companion to grow old with and supporting research and educating the public about the important role of dogs in seniors’ lives.

For more information about ElderDog Canada or to become involved, contact us through www.elderdog.ca or 1-855-336-4226.